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Anesthesia Simulators of the University of Florida

Anesthesia Simulators of the University of Florida

In the last decade a new discussion has begun…should the anesthesia residents start practising directly with patients or with simulators? We won’t enter into polemic but it’s notorius that there aren’t so many simulators as students so the posibility of practise with online tools are always welcomed. In this case we introduce to you a massive pool of simulators specially useful in anesthesia. Those simulators have been developed by the Center for Safety Simulation and Advanced Learning Technologies of University of Florida.

The featured simulators are:

The Virtual Anesthesia Machine: An interactive model driven web simulation of an anesthesia machine with visualization of gas flows inside a generic traditional anesthesia machine. 

-The Virtual Fabius GS: The interactive model of the Dräger anethesia system with user interace, fresh gas flow decoupling and compliance compensation.

-Spinal Anesthesia Simulation: Predict drug distribution in the spinal cavity using a heuristic modeling technique. I consider baricity, binding rate, diffusion and the general shape and orientation of the spinal cavity.

Also you can find others interesting resources for anesthesiologists like animated presentations, tutorials and books.

Equally interesting are the pharmacokinetic simulators available for one, two and three comparments models.

Definitely a useful plenty of web resources maybe not so updated as would desirable or with interfaces a little basic for the current era but specially useful for those of you that dedicate your time to teaching or learning anesthesia.

P.S: Free registry and Adobe Shockwave are needed to play the simulators, you can download it here.

Let’s take a look and enjoy it!

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